Set up your shots for 2017

So I spent my New Year down in Cornwall dancing my heart out to Chesney Hawkes “I am the one and only’ in the local village pub. Woke up the next day to a dip in the freezing cold sea and spend the next 3 days planing my 2017 :)

For me that was the perfect start to the New Year as I was super chilled and relaxed and got really clear on what I want to achieve this year (and the dip in the sea was about facing fears head on – I bloody hate cold water!)

As someone who’s suffered a lot from stress and overwhelm – I knew I needed to get out of London and create some space to get in the right head space to plan my year ahea

By now you’re probably bored and a bit overwhelmed with all the New Years Resolutions offers out there. Everyone telling you to get on it, start now

Well I would actually advise the opposite. Take your time. Most resolutions don’t see it past January.

Most people try to change too many things all at once OR they make the goal too big. Our brains don’t work like that. We put ourselves into threat and overwhelm and take us closer away from how we actually want to feel

If you want to make changes this year, whether it’s with your health and fitness or with your life in general, here’s 7 Steps to ‘Set up your shots’ for 2017

1. Pick your shots
Don’t just jump on the bandwagon. Take your time to get really clear on what you want first. If you’re not really sure what you want and how you want to feel when you reach the goal, then how can you measure if you’re getting closer to it? Look at what’s worked for you in the past and what don’t work. Ask yourself what do you want more of this year?

2. Start small
If you try to take on too much you will overwhelm yourself. Start with the small things you can change right now. Instead of aiming to go to the gym everyday, get consistent in going once or twice a week. Create habits not one offs.

3. Find a balanced approach
Balance is key to everything. To be honest, it’s the thing I struggle with most. I’m an all or nothing kinda girl. BUT that doesn’t work for me. If I focus on one area of my life and neglect the others I get stressed out and that’s the last thing I want. Think of it in boxing terms. As a boxer, balance is key to being strong. You can’t throw powerful combinations if you’re off balance and you’re in a weak and vulnerable position for any shots that come at you. It’s exactly the same in life if you don’t maintain balance

4. Sort out your environments
Your environments determine how you feel. When I say environment I also mean your inner environment – that’s everything you take in to you as well as everything that surrounds you. Eliminate negativity from your environments. Think about what you listen to, read, absorb. Does it make you feel positive or negative? If it makes you feel negative, stressed out or overwhelmed then get rid of it. That means negative people too! If you are in a negative state of mind you are much less likely to take action on your goals

5. Master your self talk
How you communicate to yourself determines whether you take action or don’t. Become aware of your self talk. Are you talking yourself in or out of doing things? Listen to your language, is it encouraging or critical. If you are procrastinating getting started with something. Take a piece of parer and write down all the thoughts that come up for you about it. Become aware of what are you saying to yourself. How can you change your language and become your own cheerleader?

6. Get a support system
Support is key to sticking to any plan. I personally am a connection junkie. In my gym and my programmes, it’s vital that people feel a sense of belonging and feel connected. From a brain perspective this make us feel safe and keeps the animals happy (but that’s another story) If you want to make changes in your life, look at the support you have around you. Make sure you communicate to the people in your life that you need support and what support means to you. We all have different definitions so make sure you are clear. Also look at where else you can get support. There are tonnes of support groups online. Find one that fits with your values and beliefs and start talking to people. The more you engage the more you’ll find people going through a similar journey

7. Shadow box daily
There is a reason why boxers shadow box. Visualising their opponents and running through attack and defence combos consistently creates patterns in brain. Complete this movement patterns enough times and they will be stored in the basil ganglia the ‘brains habit’ centre. That means they become auto-pilot. The human brain, which is slow, doesn’t need to think about them they just run. This is what you want to do when changing any habit. Whether it’s drinking a green smoothie everyday or going to the gym. Create daily rituals, be consistent in practicing them and before you know it the thing that was once difficult will become automatic
If you want to learn more on how boxing can change your mind and your body, I’m running a boxing, mindset and motivation workshop on Sun 15th of January

I’ll be taking you through the process of setting up your shots for 2017 to help you make 2017 your best year ever and see long term results – that stay with you past January!

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Happy New Year, lets make 2017 a knockout! :)

Love Kat x

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