Life happens for you, not to you


2016 – what a year

I could say it’s been my worst year ever

A broken marriage and a broken heart, a business in trouble.

Believe me it wasn’t how I saw things panning out

(bear with me, this gets better)

I could also choose to look at it a different way

It’s also been amazing

Out of all the heartbreak and pain has come massive growth and self assuranceBefore I thought I needed someone beside me to hold my hand to do all the things I’ve done

Now I realise that I’m much more powerful and capable that I ever gave myself credit for

I’ve learned how to find real certainty in me – through making mistakes. Mistakes are good, that’s how we learn what we don’t want right?

Before I put all my certainty and even my happiness in the hands of someone else. When you define yourself by a relationship or career, those things can always be taken away from you. Define yourself by your own values and beliefs and you become bulletproof

I’ve learned that I am surrounded by love and have the most amazing support network ever. Everyday I’m so filled with gratitude for the truly beautiful people in my life. Many who have come into my life at such a difficult time and shone their light to help me out of the darkness ❤️

Most of all I’ve learned to trust. To trust myself to be guided by my heart and to not take the easiest path but the one that feels right
And to trust that the universe has got my back and that everything is happening exactly as it should be

And I’m grateful for each and every experience, even the painful ones

You don’t always get the experiences in life you want – you get the ones you need

And I needed this to bring me back to me, to connect to me again and to find that certainty in who I am

Sometimes you have to lose everything to appreciate what you have

I’m super excited about 2017. My year for me. My life, my rules ❤️

For anyone else who’s gone through struggle and tough times this year, hang in there and just trust that something beautiful is coming

Life happens for you, not to you ❤️

Gratitude always

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