Who am I?

I am is a weird contradiction of heart felt love and vulnerability and fun and mischief.

I don’t fit into any box.

I’m a dreamer who believes in magic and feels things deeply.

I believe that life doesn’t need to be serious, life is about laughter and play. One min you’ll find me pouring out the contents of my heart the next min I’ll be doing burpees just for fun.

I love being active and find it hard to slow down and sit on my arse.

What’s my purpose?¬†

I want to be moved and to move people.

My purpose is to help women believe in their own greatness and to find the courage to live from their heart and find freedom from the internal struggle of trying to be anything other than themselves.

I believe that not listening to your heart and not living from your heart is what causes pain and disconnection.

I believe that the fight in our own head to believe that we are good enough is the hardest battle of all. Yet all too often we continue to fight it alone, walking into our own punches over and over again. And those internal verbal punches are the ones that hurt the most, the ones that stop us in our tracks that have the power to take us down and stop us reaching our true potential. We don’t have to keep walking into those same punches.

We don’t have to keep beating ourselves up for the mistakes we made yesterday. Because actually there aren’t really any mistakes at all, just experiences, and if you don’t like a certain experience – you don’t have to keep choosing it.

I’m that person in your corner¬†

I believe in the power of connection.

Actually I fucking love connection.

I think that humans are supposed to be connected and that disconnection from yourself and those around you in what leads to unhappiness. I believe that everyone needs a team in their corner and that having someone else to believe in you is the first step to developing self belief. Having people that have your back creates safety and support for people to grow. I truly believe that when people feel that they are being seen, that they are cared for and truly accepted for who they are, then magic can happen.

Did I mention that I believe in magic? I think we are powerful beyond belief and that everything we ever needed and ever will need is already within us. Sometimes we just need someone else to remind us and to help us see our true power.

I believe that the only thing that stops us is the stories we tell ourself about why we can have exactly what we want. I believe with the right support, with someone in your corner, everyone can write a better story, everyone can find their voice and shine and be so much more than they thought was possible. Everyone can live with happiness and freedom

Love, Freedom, Courage

Kat x