What is it?

Box to Believe is a training programme for your brain.  

By applying the exact same elements a boxer needs to become a champion fighter,  you will learn powerful strategies to create more success, happiness and freedom in your life.

The programme creates a space and opportunity for women to get to know themselves, re-connect with themselves and find clarity on exactly what they want from life.  

Who’s it For?

….for women who struggle with self doubt and acceptance.

….for women who can’t find balance in life.

…for women who are committed to self-growth and development.

Box to Believe will challenge and inspire you to change your outlook on life, leaving you with clarity in who you are, what you want and your own blueprint for exactly how to achieve it.

Create a new story

Box to Believe is about believing you have the power to create the life you want.

So often we get stuck doing things we think we ‘should’.  We tell ourselves stories about why we can’t have exactly what we want.
We place family, careers and relationships before our own needs.

We have talents and passions that we want to bring to the world but we tell ourselves stories about not being ready, not being perfect.
We convince ourselves that this is the way it has to be and that once we have more time, more money, more confidence then we can be happy.

Box to Believe is about creating a new story about how you can be happy right now.

Why Boxing?

Boxing is a powerful sport. It helps you feel strong, empowered and connected.

It’s the most amazing form of stress relief but most of all it’s fun. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, it can actually be enjoyable!

Boxing helps women feel free from their struggle and connect to each other creating a safe environment for deeper coaching work.

Box to Believe will not only teach how to love your body, it will teach you how to love YOU

The result is self growth, self believe and true happiness

About Kat

I am is a weird contradiction of heart felt love and vulnerability and fun and mischief. I don’t fit into any box.  My purpose is to help women believe in their own greatness and to find the courage to live from their heart….

Thailand Retreat

Press pause on your everyday life and take a deep dive into YOU.   After 10 days at this beautiful Phuket retreat you will leave with clarity in who you are and what you want and the courage to live from your heart.

Coaching Programmes

I offer one to one and online coaching programmes.  Through a supportive coaching relationship, explore what’s keeping you stuck and find clarity, focus, direction and strategy to create a new story and live as the best version of you….

What people say about us

The women I work with often come from different backgrounds but share a common struggle to find balance and believe in their own self-worth.  Hear their stories and what they’ve taken away from Box to Believe……

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About me

Hey I’m Kat, the creator of Box to Believe.
When I discovered Boxing, I knew I had found something pretty special. Not only did it help me build my own confidence and develop a healthy relationship with exercise and my body, it had given me a coping mechanism to deal with stress and an outlet for all the frustrations in life. Boxing gave me a place where I could be free from my everyday worries and my constant need to control every detail of my life.


Knowing who I am at a deeper level and how I want to show up in the world, will make a massive difference to how I move forward onto the next stage of my life. 

Marie Spencer-Rowland

Life Coach

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