How am I feeling now? Confident, healthy and happy and much more relaxed.  Determined that when I go home that I’m going to stick to living by my values and care about myself.  

Kim Waring

Manager, NHS

I’d recommend this to any woman who has a passion they want to follow but doesn’t know quite how to go about it. 

Glenda Cooper

Writer & Journalist

Through delivering this programme I learned just how deep my passion runs for helping women to feel strong and confident. I believe most of us are capable of so much more, deserve so much more and ARE so much more than we allow ourselves to be. I love seeing women gain clarity in who they are and find the courage to show up as themselves.  I love seeing them start to believe they can be more that they ever thought was possible.

Kat Bryson 

I’ve learned to remind myself that if I want to lead the life that I want to lead and I want to be happy, then there’s no shame in giving myself some space.

Kate Newton

Fight Director

Knowing who I am at a deeper level and how I want to show up in the world, will make a massive difference to how I move forward onto the next stage of my life. 

Marie Spencer-Rowland

Life Coach