Far away from the demands of your everyday life, at a luxurious and secluded location in Phuket, Thailand, take 10 days to press pause on your life and just focus on YOU

Reconnect with your body

If you’re new to exercise or haven’t enjoyed  exercise in the past, this is completely different to anything you’ve done before.  

Boxing is not only fun but incredibly effective.  Learning a skill provides a focus for your mind and you will experience a way to feel strong and powerful.  

Over the course of 10 days you will learn about nutrition and how to nurture and listen to your body.  You’ll learn how to support your body during times of stress and what foods to eat to really boost your metabolism.  

By the end of the 10 days you will not only see a real difference to your body shape but you will know the right mix of exercise and nutrition for you to get sustainable long term results.

Get to know your brain

The Box to Believe coaching programme is unique. It will help you understand what’s really going on in your brain and what’s stopping having all the things you really want.   You will learn to train your brain just like you train your body to develop better coping strategies and become successful in everything you do.  

You will learn why you may be stuck in negative behaviour patterns and how you can choose better responses to beat stress, overwhelm, self doubt and all the things that hold you back.

You will learn to redesign your life with a plan of attack leaving you with the recipe for success and happiness

Find balance 

Balance is one of the key elements in boxing.  

Without good balance a fighter cannot attack or defend him or herself.  Most of us know the importance of living our lives in balance, but how many of us have actually achieved this? Too many of us are living in survival mode, addicted to the stress hormones that are pumping through our body.  This has detrimental effects to us not only physically,  but it also puts us in the wrong part part of our brain to work towards achieving our goals.  

The Box to Believe programme looks at exploring ways to allow ourselves to unwind and bring more fun and relaxation into our lives which actually makes us stronger and better equipped to deal with lives challenges. Relaxation doesn’t have to mean hours of yoga and meditation.  It’s about exploring what works best for you

I am amazed at how much I have changed over the 10 days. I forgot about my illness, threw myself into the whole programme and have come back a new woman, relaxed, confident, happy, very proud of myself and determined to live up to my values and care for myself as much as I care for others. I am brave and can do loads of things I never thought possible.  This has been life changing for me at the age of 51 and I am so proud I took the courage to go

Kim Waring

NHS Manager

Ready to transform your life?

The next Box to Believe retreat will take place in Phuket, Thailand in November 2018


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