My one to one coaching package is an introduction to how coaching can help you overcome the things that have been keeping you stuck and help you get on the right path to freedom and happiness

If you’ve read any of my blogs or posts you’ll know they way I coach differs from a lot of life coaching programmes out there

I coach around threat and helping you to access the correct part of your brain to be able to take action on the things you want

For me coaching doesn’t have to involve sitting at desk or over the phone.  If you’re reading this, that’s probably not the way you do things either

For me having a good coaching relationship is all about the relationship   That means taking time to build a relationship in a way where you feel relaxed and comfortable to get you into the best possible headspace to work on your goals and dreams.  Whether it’s walking, roller-skating or doing a bit of boxing together first, this programme involves a monthly 1/2 day meet up session which can be spent exploring your goals in whatever way you choose (not para-gliding though – I’m scared of heights!) 

Your kick-starter days are a chance for us to get to know each other and take a deep look at your life and really uncover what it is that’s so far stopped you living as the most amazing version of yourself.   It’s a little bit more that just setting goals.  Let face it you’ve done that before.  We’ll be going a bit deeper by helping you ensure that your goals are in line with WHO you are.  It’s also an opportunity to take some time out of you everyday life and have some fun.  Kick-starter days are arranged at a location away from the stresses and strains of your every day life and take the time to really focus on YOU

12 week package includes

3 x 1/2 day kick-starter at the beginning of each month 

90 mins of coaching time per month – to be used as you decide 

Unlimited email support 

Access to private Facebook group 


Payments can be made in monthly instalments 

To explore if this is for you hit the link below and fill out the application to tell me a bit about your struggles 

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