Who I work with

I work with women who are fed up fighting an internal battle with themselves. An internal fight to believe they are good enough, to believe in their own self worth.

Women who put too much pressure on themselves and struggle to slow down and find balance,  who struggle to put themselves first and to love and accept themselves. I help them find space to reconnect with who they are and to change the story they’ve been telling themselves about why they can’t have the life they want. I help them believe in themselves, see what’s possible and step into the most amazing version of themselves

I’ve worked with women for all aspects of life who want more out of life. I’ve worked with celebrities, CEOs and female entrepreneurs to mums who struggle to find time for themselves in between family and work commitments

I don’t work with just anyone. 

You must be committed to growth and self development. You have to be willing to be challenge and stretch yourself and sometimes go to dark places because without going there you won’t get the beauty and growth that come from the light at the other end.  

If you are only interested in seeing physical changes, I’m probably not the right coach for you. I’m looking to work with heart centred women who believe there is more to life. Women who have dreams of a bigger life filled with more happiness and success – whatever that looks like to you

Going deep doesn’t mean it’s going to be serious all the time. In fact far from it. I’m pretty silly at times and I aim to bring fun and laughter into everything I do. That’s also where boxing comes in.  Not only is it an excellent way to exercise and get into great shape, but it’s heaps of fun and gets you into the right headspace to do the ‘deeper’ work.  I believe that having fun is what’s missing for so many of us. We’ve become so focussed on achievements and what’s next that we’ve often forgotten the simple things that can bring us happiness right now

Your dream life is so much closer than you think

It’s my aim to help you rediscover you. Who you are and what you want from life. What makes makes you happy? Once we get clear on that it’s just a case of putting some simple steps and strategies together to help you do more of what makes you happy.  Sounds almost too simple I know, but how many of us have actually taken the time to do that work? Together we will overcome those internal opponents that have stolen your smiles and freedom and help you find the courage to live from your heart

One day intensives 

Feel like you need to re-set your life?  Maybe you’ve got into negative behaviour patterns or feel stuck or over-whelmed in some areas of your life? 

Lose your stress through a physical boxing workout which take you out of your head and bring you back to the present moment.  Review your training and nutrition and learn self care strategies to protect yourself from life punches 

Refocus your brain with a clarity session and create your plan of attack going forward 

Finally finish the day with a relaxing Ayurvedic Yoga Massage to release tension and help you reset your nervous system leaving you balanced and rejuvenated and ready for the next round of your life 

2 Day Intensive Transformation Weekend 

Learn to Box and how to apply the Box to Believe strategies over a 2 day workshop held in central London.  

Learn how how to understand your female brain and overcome those inner opponents that have kept you stuck and doubting yourself

Intensive yet fun weekend of boxing and learning where you will get connected to other women and learn how to build your corner

Participants have the optional or carrying on with follow up online programme to continue work.  Online programme includes weekly video lessons through private membership site complete with workbook exercises to help you ‘shadow box’ and put the 12 Rounds into practice in your everyday life

On-going support provided through private Facebook group

Spaces are limited and by application only – Click on the link below to apply for your space

Ready to create more freedom and happiness in your life?

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