Want to learn how boxing can help you lead a more focussed, happy and stress free life

Check out our one day workshops which introduce you boxing, brain science and balance and the principles of box to believe

Box to Believe

One day workshop teaching confident building techniques through boxing and brain science

A combination of physical training, learning fun and relaxation.  This is a truly empowering workshop for anyone who wants to unleash their inner power

The workshop will teach you:

  • How boxing can make you feel strong, empowered and confident and how to take these feelings into your everyday life.
  • Understand the mind body connection.  How feeling strong and powerful in your body translates to inner strength
  • Gain a better understanding of what’s going on in your head and how to re-wire negative thinking patterns
  • A new skill and an exciting way to make the hard stuff in life fun
  • Understand the process of transformation and step into your most confident self
  • How to create better connections and find the support you need
  • Strategies to access your inner power AND your inner calm

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Next Workshop will be held on Sun 28th October 2018


Box to Balance

A one day workshop introducing, boxing, mindfulness and the power of balance

Living in balance is what keeps us strong and powerful, however it’s the thing most of us struggle with most

This one day workshop will teach you how to create better habits to balance body, mind and soul and stay grounded in today’s stressful world

  • Release stress with fun and energising boxing session
  • Learn how to focus the mind and become more present
  • Understand your brain and learn strategies to manage stress
  • Learn how to balance your nervous system for improved health and weight management
  • Relaxation techniques, learn strategies to become calm and focussed instantly
  • End the day with restorative yoga and meditation session

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Next One day workshop will be held onSun 24th September


Box for Business 

Energising workshop for entrepreneurs and business owners who feel they need a kickstart 

Going it alone can be tough, although you’ve taken a chance to do was you love and live your dream life it doesn’t come without it’s challenges Managing stress and often feeling isolated and alone are common pitfalls for business owners 

This workshop works on connecting business owners and teaching skills to release and manage stress – in a fun relaxed setting while you lose your stress on the punching bags 

  • Start the day with an energising mediation and lemon and ginger drink
  • Enjoy endorphin fuelled boxing session to boost your mood and energy
  • Learn how to recognise the signs of stress and burn out and how to stay off the punchline
  • Learn rituals and techniques to boost energy, focus and productivity in minutes
  • Learn how to boost your energy naturally through food and exercise
  • Leave feeling energised, inspired and with a plan of attack to take your business forward 


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I was brought to the workshop by a friend and really wasn’t sure what to expect from Box to Believe, I actually thought it was mostly going to be a workout session! However, what I came away with was a hugely revised perspective on my own life and a new desire to change the way I live for the better. I began to focus on what I truly wanted in life and because of the workshop, I have even started training towards a new career.

Kat has such a wonderful style of presenting, she’s so honest about her own experiences and talks from a genuine place of wanting to share everything she has learnt to help others. Her authenticity inspires you to believe you can really make important changes to the way you think and behave.

Mostly, it was such a fun afternoon and it has truly started me on a new path where I am kinder to myself and strive to achieve the things I really want, rather than being worried about anyone else’s judgement. THANK YOU KAT!

Nicki Hainey